Managing your land

We offer many different services to help you manage your land. Whether you live on your property or live many states away, we can help you manage your land to be a healthy investment.


Planning - Forest stewardship plans, management plans, logging plans, etc. are individually written by professional foresters. Related field exams or timber cruises can be integrated with growth rates for revenue estimates.

Timber Cruising - Timber cruises and appraisals are done for estates, estate planning, trespasses or prior to timber sales.

firewood from clean-up

Harvest planning and supervision – We can plan and mark for harvest using plans developed for the individual landowner and in compliance with State Forest Practices rules. We design cutting units for individual tree marking or whatever is appropriate to the site, forest health and landowner wishes. We can mark riparian and wetland buffers, etc. as well as obtain needed permits and help with timber excise tax reporting.